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Wholesale Shrimp Company History of Wild Water Seafood

History of the owner Max Murdoch and his company Wild Water Seafood
Max grew up on the Gulf Coast in a small town in Southeast, Texas Sabine Pass.  Being raised by parents who were in the fishing industry, he acquired his passion for the seafood industry at a very young age.  His parents ran 300+ crab traps daily.  Max was required to assist them in this effort.

Growing up in this environment enabled Max to develop an in-depth understanding of the industry and what would be involved in ensuring that he would become the top quality shrimp provider that he is today.

Wholesale Shrimp Background

As a child, Max developed his dedication to the industry by living the lifestyle every day.  His days of seafood catching and processing began at around four o’clock in the morning and generally ended at about two o’clock in the afternoon. As the years progressed, he began working with his parents when they started cleaning crabs for local restaurants.

Max was also a close friend to other families that were in the seafood industry.  The parents of some of his high school friends ran shrimp boats.  Max enjoyed the opportunity to join them during his summer vacations when they went shrimping on a regular basis.  He learned a great deal from the shrimping that he did with them during his summers. This helped him earn a small living to assist his family financially.

As an adult, Max began his military career.  During that part of his life Max went to work for some construction companies.  However, every time he went back home to do his military duties, people would ask him to bring back some gulf shrimp.  These regular requests inspired Max to begin his own business distributing gulf shrimp.

Due to the passion and knowledge that Max developed from a lifetime of experience, he successfully began creating business models and started out with just one grocery store.  In time he acquired various other grocery stores as well. 

Today, Max continues to grow his business by providing premium quality shrimp at wholesale prices utilizing his gulf shrimping history and knowledge to build lasting relationships with clients that he has retained for a number of years.

As a provider to grocery store chains that are renowned for their excellent quality seafood offerings, he is capable of expanding his clientele for others who would like to enjoy the ability to provide premium shrimp at a competitive price. 

Contact the professionals at Wild Water Seafood by calling (409) 330-0328 or emailing  info@wildwater-seafood.com to learn how your company can benefit.  Or, simply fill out the online order form to begin benefiting today!

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